1. No sharing flags or solutions
  2. No attacking infrastructure (brute force is not allowed)
  3. No sabotaging other teams
  4. Teams are limited to 2 players - no exceptions
  5. Unless specified otherwise, flag format is sigpwny{}


12:00PM - Opening Ceremony and CTF start
1:00PM - Web hacking presentation
2:00PM - Reverse engineering presentation
3:00PM - Pwn presentation
4:00PM - Cryptography presentation
6:00PM - CTF end and John Deere presentation
6:30PM - Closing Ceremony


The following prizes are available for the top placing teams:

Each winning team may select two prize options with the following priority:

  1. 1st place Advanced Division
  2. 1st place Beginner Division
  3. 2nd place Advanced Division
  4. 2nd place Beginner Division
  5. 3rd place Advanced Division
  6. 3rd place Beginner Division

Disclaimer: SIGPwny does not condone illegal activities by distributing these prizes. They are intended for educational purposes only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is CTF?
A: CTF is short for capture-the-flag, which in the context of cybersecurity are competitions where teams solve security-related challenges to find a flag (usually a string of text). The flag can then be submitted to the CTF competition portal for points, and the team with the most points wins!

Q: Why are my total points going down?
A: The competition uses dynamic scoring, which means the point value of the challenges changes over time as more people solve them. All challenges start at the same initial value and are reduced by a certain amount of points respective to the amount of solves. The reduced point value affects all people who have solved the challenge previously: e.g. if a team solves a challenge when it is worth 500 points, their score will be reduced in real time as more people solve it.

Q: How are tie-breakers determined?
A: The leaderboard is sorted first by the team with the most points. If teams have the same number of points, then the team who reached that score first wins the tie-break.

Q: What is the difference between Beginner or Advanced Division?
A: If either you or your teammate have taken CS 341 (previously CS 241) or ECE 391, or have played in 3 or more CTFs, then your team is automatically in the Advanced Division. If you have some experience or would like to compete in the Advanced Division, your team is more than welcome to do so! Otherwise, teams will play in the Beginner Division.

Advanced Division competitors get the advantage of being shown as such to our sponsors and also get priority in prize distribution. To opt-in to the Advanced Division, select click on "Team" in the navbar, then the "Edit Team" button (gear icon). You will be able to check "Advanced Division."